Aoi Eir - Ignite (TV Size) Translation

After playing the TV Size of Ignite for the 30th time I thought I’d have a bash at translating it. Here’s the result. If anyone has any suggestions please flick them my way, I’m new at translating lyrics!

Aoi Eir - Ignite

Without hesitation

This world of contradiction 

by my hand will be fired away

In the warmth of tears that have been shed

I thought I knew what kindness was

Why is it that we must we hurt each other

When it’ll just give birth to hatred, I know

A jarring pain that’s given me

a strength that I know so well

That I’m sure will one day cover the future with it’s warmth I know

迷わずに今 矛盾だらけの世界をその手で撃ち放て
I won’t hesitate to will blow away this world full of contradiction

That sorrow hidden behind those red tears you’ve shed

Hold it close and embrace it gently

For they hold the hope that we

始まりの音に 変わるように
may one day change your echos in to a new beginning

Tech Support Anti-Scam Game v0.1

With the recent increase of Microsoft Support scam calls, It’s up to us Computer Savvy people to dish out some justice.. But justice just isn’t as fun as it could be without point based scoring..

So without further-ado I would like to present.

The Technical Support Anti-Scam Game 

Time Based Points
1pt - every minute you can keep them on the phone
2pt - every minute you can derail the conversation
10pts - (BONUS) Every 30 minutes. 

Everytime you…
5pt - Confuse the caller with technical terminology
5pt - Can’t find the thing you’re being instructed to find
10pt - Convincingly ‘swap’ the phone with someone*

Everytime they..
10pt - for every swear word you can get them to say
20pt - if you can make them hang up first

5pt - Tell them you don’t have a computer.
5pt - Tell them you only have Linux/Mac
20pt - Tell them you can’t find the start button on your typewriter and/or are Amish
30pt - Blow your identity as [Superhero]**  and tell the caller you are coming for them 

20pt - CULTURALLY SENSITIVE: Successfully use a foreign accent/imitate an old person, celebrity etc. for the entirety of the call.
20pt - SINGSTAR: Read the lyrics to a song down the phone line without the caller realizing
40pt - WAIT A MINUTE..: Convince the caller that your IP address is or a local IP Address (, etc)
80pt - DO HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM: Convince the caller you are in-fact [Insert Famous Person Here]***
100pt - CEOWNED: Convince the caller that you in-fact Bill Gates
150pt - FROM THE GRAVE:  Convince the caller you are Steve Jobs/Dead Celebrity
200pt - PERFECT REVERSAL: Convince the caller that in-fact he is the one with the virus and that you need remote access to his computer 

*Swapping the phone can include putting on a different voice or actually giving the phone to a friend, in this case final score counts for the both of you 

**Grim Reaper may be effective here

***x2 Multiplier for Morgan Freeman 

This is a game I’d like to evolve and this should be considered a draft, feel free to get in touch with additions and suggestions!